Wood for Lathe

Turning is a carving technique that offers the possibility of creating a multitude of symmetrical objects and shapes. At Maderas Barber, we offer twenty types of woodturning that have ideal characteristics to perform this work effectively.

Woodturning blanks

Our selection of turning blanks includes high quality woods and deprived of cracks or thick knots that can break apart or grab the wood carving tools.

Among our wood selection to carve, we have:

Ovangkol, Padouk, African Mahogany, Maple, Olive, Purple, Ash, Limba, Mexican Granadillo, Bubinga, Lacewood, Mahogany, Cedar, Ebony, Exotic Ebony, Sapele, Wengue, Bocote, Cypress and Walnut.

You can consult their technical information when clicking on each of them.

How to choose the wood spindle blanks

To choose the wood lathe turning blanks, is necessary to know what this object will be used for. Depending on this, we will need a harder or lighter wood, with more visible veins or less, with greater or less resistance, etc. It is recommended not to work with broken pieces from reservation or pieces that have “loose” knots due they can separate during the carving and transform into projectiles that can hurt the user. Likewise, wood with extra resin, with splinter or very humid, usually doesn’t have a good finished.

At Maderas Barber, in addition to wood carving, we also offer different types of tools to carve the wood in the lathe, like limes, gouges, knives, etc., so in an easy way, you can get everything you need to create the desired product. Finally, it is important for you to remember to keep the tools sharped always to get a good finished object.

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