The Bloodwood is a wood that has a very intense red tone, which increases in power when it gets rust, unlike the Padouk. But it is not only appreciated for its aesthetic but also for other qualities such as its tight grain or its superior sound.

It is a highly demanded wood that is not always available due to forest regulation and the lack of plantations. In Maderas Barber we have Bloodwood backs for acoustic guitar, an exotic wood with a high quality that will bring an exotic and very different touch to your instrument.

BOTANICAL NAME: Brosimum rubescens.

ORIGIN: Tropical South America

DESCRIPTION: Red color wood, 1050 kg/m3 density. The heartwood has a vivid red color that can change to brown red if it’s exposed to the sun. The whiteness has a pale-yellow color. The grain is usually straight or slightly intertwined. It has fine texture with a good natural bright.

SUGGESTIONS: It’s extremely thick and tends to block some tools. The Bloodwood tends to be fragile and can be easily splinted. It can produce thirst, salivation, nausea or skin irritation effects.

DRYING: Drying speed is very slow, that’s why it has to be carefully treated.

USES: Mainly for sounding boards.

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