Curly Maple

Maple is a wood widely used in string instruments with exceptional sound qualities. In the case of Acoustic Guitar, it is increasingly demanded for Tops, Backs and Sides, especially figurative maples, such as Curly Maple or Flamed Maple.

Curly Maple is harder to find than other varieties, a little softer and less dense, but usually has a very particular (slightly nasal) timbre, high definition and beauty, balancing the bass and treble sounds.

Aesthetically are highly demanded Curly Maple Backs for Acoustic Guitar, especially those of higher grades, considering that more quality, more curl. In Curly Maple flamed figure runs perpendicular to the grain, adding three-dimensionality and liquid appearance to the surface.

Enjoy Curly Maple Backs for Acoustic Guitar, a unique timber.


BOTANICAL NAME: Acer pseudoplatanus.

TRADE NAMES: Curly Maple, Flamed Maple.

ORIGIN: Germany and Eastern Europe.

DESCRIPTION: White wood with a density of 610-680 kg/m3. It is a smooth and thin wood, straight grain, texture but may also be corrugated, leading to streaking. Its color is between white - beige and yellow. The curl is a very appreciated feature for aesthetic reasons.

RECOMMENDATIONS: It is very easy to spot and it is recommended not to store in wet places.

DRYING: Drying is very difficult and requires great care, especially with thicknesses greater than 40 mm; moreover, the drying speed is slow. However, if not dry too quickly, Maple presents little risk of deformations.

USES: Besides being used in Classic and Acoustic Guitars soundboards, it is also used in Backs, Sides and Necks for Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass and Necks and Bodies for Electric Guitars and Basses.

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