Bandurria Finished Parts

Bandurria is one of the main instruments of Spanish folklore. Essential in our "tunas" and in the "pulso y pua" orchestras, as well as in the countless "rondallas" that thrive throughout the country. It is a member of the chordophones, member of the same family as its close relative the Spanish lute, which is actually a tenor bandurria unrelated to the baroque or renaissance lute. Spain is the only country in Europe where we find this instrument. There are many dedicated craftsmen, including a large number of our own customers, who keep the tradition alive by building high quality instruments.
Under our own brand MB Exclusive we produce two of the most labor-intensive parts for the bandurria maker: necks and bridges. All manufactured in our facilities with the state-of-the-art CNC technology CNC technology and taking advantage of the decades of experience accumulated working with wood and dealing with countless builders.

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