Soprano Ukulele

The ukulele is a plucked stringed instrument, used as the main instrument in the music of Hawaiian Islands, Tahiti and Easter Island that originally had five strings. It is an adaptation of the Portuguese cavaquinho created in the 1880s in Hawaii by Portuguese immigrants. It later spread to French Polynesia and Easter Island with a more rustic carving, giving rise to the Tahitian or Polynesian ukulele.

The four dimensions of ukulele are: soprano, concerto, tenor and baritone. In the 1920’s the ukulele concerto was developed, a little larger in size and also with a slightly deeper sound. Today the ukulele has four strings, but there are also six and eight-string models.

The soprano ukulele, also called standard in Hawaii, measure approximately 53 cm, is the smallest of the ukuleles and is considered to be the original ukulele. The soprano is the best selling ukulele in the world. They are usually the cheapest and their sound is the highest of the whole family of ukuleles. Is the first choice of the vast majority and is used by many professional musicians who need to accompany their voice with a ukulele.

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