Classical Guitar

The classical or Spanish guitar is at the very heart of Maderas Barber's history. It was a small purchase of spruce tops brought from Germany that started this adventure more than six decades ago.  

Since then we have added more than 80 different woods to our catalog. Whether you are a professional luthier or just starting out with your first guitar, you will find everything you need to build your guitar.

In this category you will find, in addition to woods, a great variety of accessories such as tuning machines from top brands like Gotoh or Schaller. You will also find cases, decorations, reinforcements and pickguards, among others.

Also, along the line of accessories, you can find classical guitar strings from renowned brands such as D'AddarioFelipe Conde or Knobloch. Also string cleaners as well as lubricants and polishes for strings and frets.

For the construction of your classical or Spanish guitar we also have a wide range of finishes and a great variety of luthier tools available on our website.

Which woods are used the most to build a classical guitar?

The construction materials of the guitars have a decisive influence on the sound and quality of these instruments. In addition, the woods determine the durability and eventual longevity of the instrument.

For the top, light but at the same time flexible woods are usually used. This is because the top must flex as freely as possible - without the risk of splitting - to produce the best acoustic response. The vast majority of tops are built with one of the different species of Spruce -German, Engelmann, Sitka, Adirondack, Alpine Spruce- or Red Cedar (Thuja Plicata).

For parts such as the back, sides, fingerboard or bridge, heavier and stiffer woods are used. This has a double function: it makes them more resistant and produces a bright sound that helps the projection of the instrument. Some of them are ebony, the different rosewoods (Honduran, Amazon, Indian), ziricote, walnut, Brazilian lacewood... the list is long and constantly updated.

Know our services

At Maderas Barber we take care of our customers, that's why we have developed a line of services for those who want to save time in the construction process as well as for those who don't have the necessary machinery.

  • Do you need a specific wood ready to be worked?  If you need wood immediately to build your guitar, you can acquire it with our drying service, without waiting for the natural drying process, which can take months or years.

  • At Maderas Barber, we also offer a bending service for those customers who do not have their bending machine or any other system that allows them to perform this delicate operation in the construction of a guitar. We perform this service only on classical guitar sides and it is possible to choose the bending with the shape of the traditional classical guitar or cutaway.

  • In the calibration service, we sand and eliminate the marks that the sawing process leaves on the pieces. Subsequently, we calibrate and leave the pieces at the desired measurements. In this way, we obtain a flat surface that is almost ready to varnish.
  • With this service, you will save a lot of time and effort in sanding and calibrating the pieces manually. In addition, it will allow you to reduce calibration costs.

  • Do you need wood pieces of a specific size and you can't find the measurements in our catalog?  Let us know the measurements you want and we will cut them for you. The wood-cutting service allows you to customize the size of the pieces to suit your needs.

  • Would you like to choose the specific piece of wood you are going to buy?  Whether it's bodies, tops, backs, sides, or fingerboards, with the purchase by picture service you can know in advance what the piece you are going to receive will look like.
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