Birdseye Maple

Birdseye maple sides have a big demand between luthiers, because of the perfect mix of the high quality of maple, and the beauty given by the natural prints of this wood.

This beauty appearance with rounded forms which imitates eyes, it’s supposed to be the result of an illness of the tree or a tree default. However, this wood has the same quality of other maple sides. But, we must take into account that this kind of wood has less stability even if his sound is brilliant.

BOTANIC NAME: Acer saccharum marsh.

COMMON NAMES:  Birdseye maple.

ORIGIN: North America.

DESCRIPTION:   Density 630-700 kg/m3.  Cream white to reddish brown colour. Figured with many small swirls resulting in circular eyes separate from each other - dubbed birds eye figure. It is not known what causes de phenomenon. The wood may be extremely valuable.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Sawing and machinery are difficult. It is hard to plane. Suitable for steam bending.  Easy gluing and finishing. 

DRYING: It is a wood that dries very fast. Hardly any defects on the drying process.

USES:  Electric guitar bodies and bass guitar bodies. Guitar backs and sides.

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