Exotic Maple

Sides of exotic maple are a very attractive option in the manufacturing of classic guitar. Exotic Maple, brother of European Maple, is characterized by having different patterns of figures, like knots and sinuous forms. However, exotic maple has the same sound quality than Curly Maple.

There are some difficulties when working this wood in order to make their particular shape. But if it’s done with care, the result is remarkable. At Maderas Barber, we appreciate exotic wood and we want you to enjoy it. Discover with us the beauty and the quality of this valuable wood.

BOTANIC NAME: Acer pseudoplatanus.

COMMON NAMES: Curly maple, Flamed maple.

ORIGIN: Center and East Europe

DESCRIPTION:   Density 610-680 kg/m3.  White or light yellow wood colour. There is no distinction between the sapwood and the heartwood. Grain is generally straight, but may be wavy. Exotic pattern is very much appreciated.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Machinery can be difficult.  Suitable for steam bending.  Easy gluing and finishing.  Resistant to fungi but susceptible to termites. Stains easily. It is recommended not to store it in humid places.

DRYING: We recommend drying it at low temperatures to avoid spots and colour alterations. If drying process is fast wood will keep white colour.

USES:  Electric Bass and  Electric Guitar. Classic and Acoustic Guitar. Violin , Viola, Cello and Double Bass.

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