Black Limba

Black Limba Sides for Classical Guitar.

Limba is a medium density wood and its appearance is yellowish brown pale with scattered black lines. Its sound is very similar to Mahogany but its color is lighter, so it offers more possibilities in translucent finishes.

This wood is highly known for being the one that Gibson used to build the first guitars Flying V and Explorer in 1957.

Complete an exotic and unique instrument with Black Limba Backs for Classical Guitar.


BOTANICAL NAME: Terminalia superba.

TRADE NAMES: Korina, Afara.

ORIGIN: Central and West Africa.

DESCRIPTION: Density of 550/600 kg/m3. The wood color is white slightly pearly cream, which darkens when exposed to light. You may have yellowish areas with blackish streaks. Growth rings are often visible. The fiber can be straight or slightly interlaced. The grain is medium.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Limba is sensitive to termites and fungi.

DRYING: The drying rate may vary from fast to normal. It hardly presents risks.

USES: Besides being used in Backs and Sides for Classic and Acoustic Guitars, it is also used in Necks and Bodies for Electric Guitars.

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