Approximated sides dimensions for classic guitar: (800x110x3,5 mm) x2


Sides for classic guitar are the two pieces which close the lateral of the sound board. Commonly, they are made by the same wood than the backs to create a coherent image and sound.

These parts of the guitars are also important for the acoustic of the instrument, since they have the function of diffusing or reflecting the sound. In figures, sides influence in the sound in around a 20%, and mainly in the timbre of the sound.

The difference in the sound and in the esthetic of each instrument greatly depends on the wood we chose to build it. Through the history, a large variety of wood has been used to build the sides of classic guitars: from Ebony to Cocobolo, Indian Rosewood and Cypress for flamenco guitar.

However, unlike other parts of the guitar as the tops, we know that in sides there are very appreciated the figures and curly figures. For this reason, we always twin and keep together sides and backs to enjoy wood as an artwork.

Discover our wide variety of sides for classic guitar.

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