Double Bass

The double bass is the largest and lowest pitched bowed string instrument. It stands 1.80 meters from scroll to endpin. Normally it has four strings but we can also find with three or five.

The double bass is played either with a bow or by plucking the strings (pizzicato). It is necessary to apply resin to the bow hair so it grips the string and makes it vibrate.

The shoulders are typically sloped, the back is often angled.

An important distinction between the double bass and other members of the violin family is the construction of the pegbox. While the violin, viola, and cello all use friction pegs for fine tuning adjustments, the double bass has metal machine heads.

Regarding wood, it is typically constructed with Spruce for the top and Maple for the back, neck and ribs. The fingerboard and the tailpiece are made with Ebony. The bow is made with Pernambuco.

The double bass is generally regarded as a modern descendant of the string family of instruments that originated in Europe in the 15th century, and as such has been described a as bass violin. The exterior may resemble to the viola da gamba and the internal construction of the double bass is nearly identical to the instruments in the violin family.

Double Bass 


  • Accesories

    It is not only necessary to work the more visible part of the instrument to get the best result but it is also essential to find the best accessories for the double bass.


    In Maderas Barber we provide you with the higher quality accessories, a quality specially needed on the tailpieces if we consider the fact that the four strings apply a tension of more or less 170 kilos.


  • Sides

    Dimension of the sides: 1200x220x30/40mm


    Sides are essential for the double bass building. They close the body together with the backs. In Maderas Barber we have the best wood quality available always book-matched with the backs creating a beautiful and solid design set.


  • Fingerboards

    Dimension of the fingerboard 920x105x35 mm.


    It is necessary to revise periodically the fingerboard. With the time the fingerboards wear and the strings wear has a direct impact in wood. This may generate noise problems.

    As wood tends to distort over the time it is important to make a good wood selection. The double bass fingerboard is made with ebony wood, black colour, very much appreciated for its beauty. Due to its high density it is perfect to withstand the normal wear.


    In Maderas Barber we value the quality and the variety, that’s why we can offer you the Ebony for fingerboards in different qualities to meet the requirements of the luthier.

    We can provide you fingerboards in square planks or finished bevelled ones.


  • Backs

    Dimension of the backs: (1200x340x60/12mm)x2


    It is essential to take your time selecting the best back for your double bass. Together with the sides they close the body. It is important to choose the best quality to achieve a perfect sound without forgetting the beauty.


    In Maderas Barber we book-matched the wood for backs and the sides to get the best result.

    Each piece has very high quality essential to spread the sound


    Let yourself be amazed with the esthetical quality of our double bass backs in flamed maple, high quality wood demanded by the luthiers and players.

  • Necks

    Dimension of the necks for double bass: 850/1000x220x90/50 mm


    Necks are normally made with the same wood used for the backs, the flamed maple.

    The neck together with the fingerboard support the instrument tension. Maple is highly recommended for its flexibility, necessary to help to avoid the extension of the pressure and produce deformation of the body instrument.


    In Maderas Barber we offer you this valuable and precious wood to build your instrument.

    Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want us to select the best necks for your double bass.

  • Tops

    Dimension of the double bass tops: (1200x340x60/12mm)x2


    We should give great importance to the double bass tops. As much as the backs and sides or maybe even more.

    The best wood for the double bass top is the Spruce, the acclaimed European Spruce. The excellence of the instrument is thanks to this wood.


    In Maderas Barber we offer you the highest quality tops for double bass. Discover the value and beauty of Spruce .