Oil-based wood finishes are sometimes described as slow-drying varnishes, which is technically incorrect. Oils are usually treated with resins that dry slowly, allowing the oil to penetrate and seal the wood.

The absorption of the wood helps the oil to adhere to the surface and ensures a very thin layer that protects the wood. It is also usually quite flexible, so if the wood is moved slightly it will not crack, and this also makes it resistant to splinters.

The oils dry slowly and this makes them very easy to apply and also very tolerant.

The choice of each oil should be studied, as all of them have small and slight differences.

Tung oil is a pure oil, without solvents or drying agents. This makes drying quite slow, but perfect, if you want a completely natural finish. This type of oil achieves a very resistant finish.

The finishing oil contains tung oil so that it is also resistant, but it is modified so that it dries faster in approximately eight hours.

The hard wax oil is a clear, very resistant finish and the fastest drying of our oils in approximately four hours.

Lemon oil is a clear, matte finish that will protect your work without giving it a visible shine, but you'll know it's there.

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