The timple or timple canario is a plucked string musical instrument of 5 strings, typical and native to the Canary Islands. Compare with others strings instruments, such as the cuatro venezolano, the timbre portorriqueño and the guitarro mallorquín, the timple canario has reduced dimensions of approximately 38-40 centimeters.

Generally, they are five-stringed, although in some cases they are also four-stringed. The soundboard narrow and curved below is called joroba, so the instrument is also known as the camellito sonoro.  

Its origin is uncertain, with various European and American influences. Actually, is present in all the Canary Islands, being an essential part of the groups of the Archipelago. In its beginnings it was an accompaniment instrument at musicians’ parties and was played only by strumming the strings. Over time, different strumming patterns were developed on each island. In the past, one could tell where a player was from by how he strummed the Timple, but nowadays the Timple soloists (timplistas) play a mixture of plucking, arpeggios and strumming.

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