Musical instrument accessories are essential for the construction of musical instruments.

In Maderas Barber we are aware of this, that's why we offer you a wide range of accessories for musical instruments.

In our online store you will find accessories for musical instruments that are essential for the proper maintenance and construction of the instruments, to achieve the desired end result, beautifying and improving every detail of the instrument.

In this section you will find all the necessary accessories to build your instruments.

In this category you will find from Tails to Frets, Tuners, Mouthpieces, Profiles and even Machinery, all of them essential in the day to day life of a luthier.

What are the most used accessories to build a guitar?

  • Tuning pegs: The tuning pegs, specifically those of guitars and basses, are that part of the instrument that serves to tighten or loosen the strings, in order to keep it in tune.

    In Maderas Barber we have tuning pegs for Classical Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bandurria, Lute, Ukulele and Electric Bass, all of the best quality. We have the best brands in the market such as Schaller, Gotoh, Van Gent, Perona or Ping Well.

  • Electronics: Guitar electronics is what allows the sound to be amplified. This category includes the pickups, as well as the potentiometers, capacitors, wires, shielding material...

  • Decorations: In Maderas Barber we like singularity and unique design, we have made available to the luthiers different types of decorations to give a unique touch to the guitars.

    We have all kinds of decorations, from abalone decorations for soundboards, mother-of-pearl fretboard position markers, ebony strips to reinforce the neck and give it a different design, decorations for bridges made of different woods and many more options that you will find in this category.
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