Tools for Luthier

Using the right and specific luthier tools to fix, to maintain and to build our musical instruments, is practically as important as the choice of wood for it.

Most of the tools selection and accessories for luthiers that we offer in Maderas Barber are not common ones, but they are tools designed specifically to work each part of our instrument.

With this type of tools, we will not only achieve the best result in our finishes, but we will save many hours working in our workshop, and in many cases, we will also save money on unnecessary machinery.

Large variety of luthier tools

In our online store you will find a huge variety of tools for musical instruments such as pliers and tongs, hammers, scrapers, reamers, clamps, jaws, gouges, chisels, files, wrenches, levelers... And a wide range of the best Japanese tools made with the best Japanese steel.

In addition, due to the great demand, and the large amount of novelties, we recommend you to be alert as we keep incorporating new products to expand this large category, which is essential for the construction of any instrument.

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