Tools for Luthier

Woods and accessories are fundamental for a luthier when building an instrument. However, there is another fundamental element for building a great instrument. We are talking about the luthier tools that are essential for woodworking.

Our luthier tools provide you with the ability to make or repair as many instruments as you wish. The wide selection of luthier tools we offer at Maderas Barber are no common tools. They are tools specifically designed to work each part of our instrument. With this kind of tools we will get the best results in our instruments. In addition, you will save many hours of work in our workshop.

Whether you are a professional luthier or if you are starting with your first guitar, in Maderas Barber you will find everything you need to make your instrument.

What luthier tools are used to build a guitar?

Using the right luthier's tools is equally or more important than the choice of woods.

To build a guitar you need the tools necessary to cut the wood. Depending on the cut that needs to be made, a smaller or a larger saw will be used. To make precise cuts, a small, thin-bladed saw should be used. The most common is the Japanese saw, used to make slots in the fingerboard where the frets are placed.

Among the most commonly used tools are the fret saw, sanding blocks, cabinetmakers' scrapers, reamers and fret rulers.

Also the clamping elements such as the fret clamp, or the basic pressure accessory set stand out.

In this section you will find all the necessary tools to carry out all the processes, from start to finish, in the creation of your guitar or any musical instrument you wish.

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