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Maderas Barber products

Drying service

Start building your guitar, without waiting for the natural drying process.

Bending sides service

The ideal service for those clients who do not have their own bending machine.

Calibration service

We sand, calibrate and obtain a flat surface, almost ready to vanish.

Cut to size service

Customize the size of the pieces to adapt them to the spaces and designs you have in mind.

Purchase by picture service

Choose the specific piece of wood you are going to buy.

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Receive all our news from the industry, as well as offers and discounts for your next purchase.

Recieve all our news from the industry, as well as offers and discounts for your next purchase.


About Maderas Barber

Woods for guitars and other musical instruments are our passion, our reason for being, our essence. It is what has led us to travel the world in search of the most exotic, exclusive and best appreciated woods by luthiers.

Over the years we have been constantly increasing the number of wood species, offering different ranges of qualities and prices so that every customer finds exactly the material he needs to create his instrument. Our extensive stock of more than 85 different wood species allows us to claim that we are the world leader in tonewood.

As the quality of the woods prevails over the variety, we personally travel to the country of origin to select the best woods for guitars and stringed instruments. All of them go through a second quality control in our central facilities in Spain.

In addition, we have our own sawmills in Canada and Cameroon, a sales office in China and we are exclusive distributors throughout Europe for Ping Well and Perona, the most sought-after top brand of high-end machine heads on the market.

We are passionate about wood and music, but none of them would be possible without nature. Therefore, making sure that the wood comes from sustainable and legal sources is our way of respecting nature and giving it the time it needs to regenerate. Because being at peace with the environment is one of the values we most want to care for and share with you.  


How do we work the woods?

After traveling the world and selecting the best tonewood for musical instruments, we centralize all the woods in our headquarters in Spain.

But the real beauty of our woods is found in the unique pieces for the creation of string instruments. Carefully selected by tonewood experts, each piece is a real gem. Their spectacular aesthetics, with different grains and the most varied colours, make these pieces the most exclusive on the market. Moreover, once they have been sanded and varnished, you will be able to appreciate them in all their splendour.

Along with the unique pieces we also have finished parts, ideal for repairing an instrument or creating it from scratch. Both are part of MB Exclusive, our own brand to offer the best of our stock.

In addition to wood for guitars and other instruments, accessories and tools, we have drying and calibration services for wood, bending guitar sides, cutting wood to size and purchase by picture service to choose the exact piece you need. All these services are designed to facilitate the work of any lutherie lover.

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Committed to you and the environment

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