Rosettes are decorative circular motifs, made mostly of wood, which are placed around the opening of the Tops of Guitars and other string instruments. The Rosette is another part of the guitar, if not essential yes a primordial element together with the Headplate and the Bridge if you want to customize the instrument.

While a Rosette is certainly decorative, it also has a practical function: with its many wooden rings, it tends to prevent developing cracks in the opening from spreading to the rest of the Top.

All the ancient luthiers made their own Rosettes, more or less elaborate, however in Maderas Barber we have diverse and beautiful Rosettes to avoid the slow and meticulous work; but without any doubt, they are high quality and beautiful accessories.



  • Acoustic Guitar Rosettes

    Among the decorative elements that are available for Acoustic Guitar, Rosette is no doubt the one that monopolizes all the attention. In Maderas Barber we have available Acoustic Guitar Rosettes manufactured with the highest quality and very beautiful incrustations, to build an Acoustic Guitar with an essential accessory for the Top of the Guitar.

  • Classic Guitar Rossettes

    The decoration in Classic Guitar is limited by tradition and acoustics priorities. Mainly, the decoration consists of Classic Guitar Rosettes around the opening and Purflings, although both the Headplate and the Bridge can also be decorated with accessories. However, among all the decorative elements that can be used in a Classic Guitar, Rosette usually gets the highest attention.

  • Mother of Pearl Rosettes

    When decorating a guitar, Rosette is a fundamental part, even essential. On this occasion, we present the Mother of Pearl Rosettes, the most luxurious accessory to complete the instrument, with meticulous mother of pearl inlays, sometimes accompanied with wood, to bring beauty and elegance to the guitar.

    Mother of Pearl, also known by the name of Nacre, it is a biomineral, hard, shiny substance with pearlescent or iridescent reflections (tone of light varies depending on the angle from which the surface is observed). It forms the inner part of the shells of some mollusks, secreted to repair the shells or to protect their selves against invasive substances. Oysters, abalones and other mollusks are sources of this substance.

    As with wood, each piece of nacre or mother-of-pearl is unique.

  • Concert / Tenor Ukulele Rosettes

    Even the smallest and most modern musical instruments need accessories to make them more beautiful if possible, this is where our Rosettes come into play, with high quality and great details. Save time with our Concert / Tenor Ukulele Rosettes, the older brothers of these little wonders.

  • Soprano Ukulele Rosettes

    This small musical instrument also deserves the best accessories to shine more if possible. In Maderas Barber we have several models to improve the little brothers of these little wonders. Discover our Soprano Ukulele Rosettes with high quality and detail and give that special touch to your Ukulele.