We launch MB Exclusive, our own brand for the best pieces we have in stock

There is no doubt that looking for the perfect wood to create a guitar is an arduous task that every luthier must do before starting to make it. At Maderas Barber we want to make your work easier and we launch MB exclusive, our own brand of unique pieces and finished parts. A project born at the request of customers. A project in which the exclusivity of each instrument is the goal.


Alpine Spruce, the 3 most sought-after qualities

Alpine Red Spruce is unanimously considered the best wood for the soundboards of acoustic instruments.


How to choose the right pickup for your guitar?

In the world of musical instruments, the electric guitar is one of the most recent compared to classical instruments. This does not mean that it is less complex, as it is made up of many elements that allow us to achieve those spectacular sounds that we find in many musical genres.


Black Friday

As every year in Maderas Barber is arrived the most awaited campaign, the Black Friday. In this campaign we offer the best discounts of the year, more than 4000 discounted products to build your instrument.


Fender at Maderas Barber

Almost at the same time as the founding of Maderas Barber, was appearing in the USA a company that would mark the future of the electric guitar for the next 60 years. Its legacy continues to this day, and it is still one of the most important brand in the world market. We are talking about Fender, undoubtedly the brand that has had the greatest influence on popularization, innovation and renewal of the electric guitar since its creation.


9 varieties of extraordinarily beautiful woods.

Nine varieties of extraordinarily beautiful woods from different parts of the world, Germany, West Asia, India, Central and West Africa, Central America, Mexico and South East Asia. We travel all over the world in search of the best woods for the construction of musical instruments that are not simply beautiful, they are a true expression…


Indian Rosewood now also for lathe!

The Indian Rosewood* is one of the most appreciated and used woods in the world for the creation of musical instruments, due to its sound qualities, its beauty and its workability. In addition, it is highly valued for the manufacture of furniture; for turning such as chess pieces, billiard balls, plates and all kinds of…


New unique pieces of extraordinary beauty

Variety and rarity are the adjectives that most characterize these new extraordinary unique pieces.  Makassar Ebony, Ziricote and Spalted Beech are just one example of the exceptional beauty of nature.  Discover them now in our online store and make your guitar unique.


New Wood Spalted Beech

You have seen it, wished it and appreciated it in our giveaway on social media and now it is finally available in our online store at a special introductory price. Don't miss the opportunity to create your guitar with this beautiful wood!


New D’Addario Strings

When selecting the strings, it is important to think about what sound we want to transmit, to value our experience as guitarists, and the type of guitar we want to build. This is an important decision to determine the final sound of the instrument, so we decided to rely on the excellent quality of the…

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