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Maderas Barber: a sustainable brand for you and the planet

Music and instruments are our raison d'être and since our beginnings we have searched for the most exclusive woods for the creation of unique musical instruments. Nature has always accompanied us and we want to thank it for everything it has given to us.

To this end, and to celebrate our 66th anniversary, we are expanding our environmental actions to replant forests, reduce our environmental footprint and fight against climate change, which is increasingly affecting our planet.

How do we do it? We started our own reforestation project working with Tree Nation, the largest reforestation platform that allows citizens and companies to plant trees around the world.

Why to plant a tree?

Climate change is a problem that is coming faster than we think without us even noticing it. Our duty is to act as quickly as possible to slow it down, and the most effective solution is to plant trees to reforest the world. Did you know that...?

With each planted tree we will offset 22kg of CO2 per year and, additionally, we contribute to: 

job creation and income generation for local populations 

the protection of biodiversity and the habitat of millions of species

Our reforestation project along with Tree Nation is our most beautiful sustainability initiative where we want to involve all our customers to protect the planet together. For this reason, and to thank you for all the trust you have placed in our brand, we want you to have your own tree in this project. With every order we will give you a tree that you can plant in one click, thus contributing to a healthier planet.

How does the project work?

For every order you place on our website, we give you a tree with your name on it. You will receive an email from Tree Nation to plant it for free and, from that moment on, you will have your own profile on the platform.

From there, you will be able to see all the details about your tree, such as its species, its location on the map with its GPS coordinates, and you will even be able to download the certificate of the planted tree. In addition, you can check the progress of the project in which your tree is planted and even have the possibility to plant more trees or give them to your loved ones.

We participate in different reforestation projects

Each planted tree belongs to a project located in different parts of the world to fight climate change on several fronts.

The tropical zone is the most suitable place for planting to fight against climate change and deforestation. This is where trees receive the most sunlight and capture the most CO2 at the fastest rate. Furthermore, tropical forests are home to about 85% of all terrestrial species. At Maderas Barber, we are involved in seven reforestation projects located in different areas of the tropical belt.

What tree species do we plant with Tree Nation?

In each project we plant several different species to improve soil fertility, increase soil nutrients and fix nitrogen from the air into the soil. All this, to create optimal conditions for the development of all species and to achieve greater biodiversity in the area.

The species vary according to the stock and size of the projects, however, each year we plant 14 different species in the 7 projects we support. Below you can see some of the species that belong to these projects.

It is said that who has a tree has a treasure.

From now on, thanks to our reforestation project in partnership with Tree Nation, you will plant a tree for each order placed on our website, and thus contribute to a greener and cleaner planet.

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