Sharpening, Sandpapers, Abrasives and Polished

The sanding and subsequent polishing of the instrument is essential to successfully finish our instrument, at the time of sanding we must take into account that the paint is completely dry, once dry we must be very careful using sandpaper of different grain sizes in order not to damage the paint.

The finishing of the instrument, determines in great part the quality of it, one of the characteristics of the finishing is the sanding of the wood, in Maderas Barber we have different sandpapers with different grain thicknesses, depending on the needs of each client in every moment. All our sandpapers are of the highest quality to achieve that with the polishing they don’t remain any type of pore that prevents a perfect smoothing in all its pieces.

Our burnishing are specifically developed for guitars and musical instruments. Get the finish you've always dreamed of, from a mirror effect or matte. Our guitar finishes offer you the protection for your instrument that you need and provide beauty and depth. Be careful and select the best options for your instrument, in case of any doubt we will be happy to advise you on what you need.

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