purchase by picture service

Would you like to choose the specific piece of wood you are going to buy?

Whether there are bodies, tops, backs, sides or fingerboards, purchase by picture service allows you to know in advance what the piece you are going to receive looks like.

A new and innovative service that we add to our online store to satisfy a real need of our customers: to make sure that the piece they buy fits perfectly to their tastes and meets their expectations.

Fondo de ébano exótico para guitarra acústica

As you may know, in each of our products we have one or two illustrative photographs of the product. However, wood is a natural product and each piece is unique and different. Since certain woods have different qualities, variations in color, grain and shape, even within the same quality, are very common. 

Therefore, being able to see and choose the exact piece that you will receive is an advantage.

On which products is the Purchase by picture service available?

You can request it for bodies, backs, tops, sides and fingerboards of the string instruments available in our catalogue.

And also for maple and spruce backs, tops, sides and necks of the following bowed instruments.

For each product, you will receive 4 photos previously selected by our sales agents.

If you want to buy backs and sides for the same instrument, at Maderas Barber we take care of the aesthetics and we match it previously. Thus, you will receive 4 photos of the set already matched and you will be able to appreciate much better the color, tone and fibers of both pieces together.

How does the service works?


Decide the product you want to purchase.


Check the box “Purchase by picture option”.


Add the product to your cart.


One of our sales agents will send you the 4 photos you need to choose your ideal piece.

As easy as it. A 100% personalized service that assures you that you will receive just what you have in mind. No surprises.

You can add the purchase by picture service directly on the pieces that have this option available.

If you want to see the price list and know which products have this service, click here.

Contact us for more information about our purchase by picture service.

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