Nuts & Saddles

Guitar bones are related to the bridges and fingerboards. In Maderas Barber we have several models not only for acoustic guitar but also for classic guitar. Additionally, we have introduced our finished bones for nut and saddle to speed up the guitar building. All our models are made of bovine bone of different origins: Japan, France and Spain. All of them are high quality and easy to handle because of its creaminess and natural density. Without a doubt the sound of our bones is very good and its price makes our bones one of our leading products.

Nuts & Saddles 


  • Finished Nuts & Saddles

    In Maderas Barber we want to speed up the guitar building process. We have add a new finished products in our bones products range. We have finished bones for Acoustic Guitar nut and saddle and also for Classic Guitar, with an amazing finished and great soundworthy of the best makers.

  • Nuts

    Bones for nut or saddle are key elements for a good guitar sound. They are essential for the positioning and for a correct string balance. In Maderas Barber we have different bones models from different countries and qualities. All our guitar nuts are made of bovine bones, except our new model made of carbon fibre which has similar characteristics to the bone ones.

  • Saddles

    All our bones for saddle or nut except the carbon fibre one have similar characteristics to the bones one, bovine origin from different countries. All of them with a great uniformity and sound.