Other Decorations

In Maderas Barber we like uniqueness. We offer you different guitar decorations for a perfect touch. We have all types of decorations, from abalone for rosettes to mother pearl position marker for fingerboards, ebony stripes to reinforce the neck, decorations in different woods for bridges and many more options that you will find in our wide range.

Other Decorations 


  • Rosettes Decorations

    We all know rosettes are an essential complement for our guitars. In Maderas Barber we want to go one step further. We encourage you to venture yourself with the abalone decorations for your rosettes. They will give your guitars a personal touch and make them special and unique.

  • Bridges Decorations

    When we imagine our guitar we don’t think in the small details. We focus on the woods we will use for tops, backs and fingerboards. In Maderas Barber we don’t want this to happen and that’s why we offer you a big range of bridge decorations.

    Our decorations for bridges are for Classic Guitar, we have a big variety of models to offer you in different woods and qualities to get a unique and special design for your guitar.

  • Fingerboards Position Markers

    A big part of luthiers opt for flat fingerboards without decorations, but in Maderas Barber we encourage you to use our nice and visually attractive decorations that will give this personal touch to your guitar.

  • Neck Decoration

    Guitar neck is a fundamental part of the guitar. In the early 80’s luthiers start to introduce decorations on their necks. Actually there are several measures and shapes for decorations. In Maderas Barber we offer you an Ebony stripe to embed on the neck. These stripes not only give durability and strength to the neck but also a beautiful visual effect.

    Some luthiers even use three of these Ebony stripes on the neck making their guitar unique.