Plywood Products

The plywood, also known as multi laminate, plywood or triplay, is a board made of thin wood veneers glued with the fibers transversely, one on top of the other, with synthetic resins by strong pressure and heat. This technique significantly improves the dimensional stability of the board obtained respect to solid wood.

The plywood products used for the manufacture of instruments almost maintain the same acoustic properties as solid wood pieces and maintain the uniqueness and beauty of each species in its grains.

Plywood Products 


  • Cajon Flamenco

    The origin of cajón flamenco is Peruvian; has been used for flamenco only in 1972 when the genius of flamenco, Paco de Lucia, heard this instrument for the first time at a party organized by the Spanish ambassador in Peru. At that moment knew that this sound would be perfect for his flamenco works, so he asked to his percussionist Ruben Dantas to insert it in his performances. Since then in Spain we have involved the cajón flamenco at other levels by introducing different woods and strings to refine the bass sounds in the drawer, although each manufacture has its own way of manufacturing the instrument. The most used wood for cajónes flamencos is phenolic birch plywood board. According to many flamenco artists, the drawer sound resembles the feet of a dancer because there is the sound of the floor (bass sound) and that of the heel (high-pitched sound).           

  • Complements

    The plywood complements that we have in MB consists in wood veneer of different colors and thicknesses that we usually use in purflings and decorations instruments although it has many uses. The plywood complements are made of natural sycamore veneer with a thickness that ranges from 0,4 mm to 1 mm. We can also find them in different colors to combine them in the way we want in the design of the purflings or decorations.

  • Acoustic Guitar

    The acoustic guitar plywood products are high quality products, there are innumerable manufacturers that use this material to reduce costs and be able to manufacture guitars accessible to all budgets. The acoustic guitar plywood products produce a very optimal sound, for sure it can never be compared with a solid guitar but these products are characterized by a great beauty and a competitive price that makes them a great option for the manufacture of guitars.

  • Classic Guitar

    Plywood products are a very successful option in relation to the final result and price for the construction of our classic guitars, all products are made of natural veneer and are endowed with great beauty. Although solid products offer more musical quality than veneer, they reduce working time, the price is also cheaper and the visual finish is exactly the same.