Do you need a specific wood that is ready to be worked?

We have a drying service that can be very useful in all those occasions where you immediately need a wood to build your guitar, without waiting for the natural drying process, which can take months or years. 


This state-of-the-art dryer with continuous vacuum system (with programmable logic controller) allows a drying with constant supervision in which are avoid air currents and excessive temperature changes that can ruin the wood, offering an absolute guarantee of quality and total control of the process. After the drying process, the degree of humidity that we achieve in our pieces is between 8 and 10%, being able to recover up to a maximum of 15%, in which we place our limit in terms of the percentage of humidity tolerable to consider a piece “dry”. We can guarantee this percentage until the piece leaves our facilities: the journey to the destination or improper storage can cause the wood to exceed the 15% threshold. Keep in mind, therefore, that the pieces should always be stored in a place with controlled humidity, due to the wood's ability to absorb water from the air.

Wood is a highly hygroscopic material.

What does this mean? That, even after the tree has been cut down, the wood will continue to store water, generally it is a result of the condensation of the water vapor naturally present in the air. This variability in the moisture content of the wood causes the piece to widen or shrink depending on its water content.

This phenomenon can cause the wood to move in different directions, deforming it or even causing cracks that make the piece unusable. This is one of the problems that we will avoid with this advanced drying technology, without affecting the acoustic properties of the wood.

Sometimes, once the drying process is finished, depending on the type of wood and the time that has elapsed since it was cut, we need to perform a second drying cycle to obtain the optimum percentage of humidity.

At Maderas Barber we regularly dry sufficient quantities to supply the dry wood needs of our customers, however, due to high demand and long drying processes, some orders may suffer small delays in delivery time.

You can add the drying service directly on the products that have this option available.

If you want to see the price list and know which products have this service, click here.

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