In Maderas Barber we also offer a bending service for those customers who don’t have their own bending machine or any other system that allows them to perform this delicate operation in the construction of a guitar.


Once the wood to be bent has been ordered, the first operation we carry out, prior to the actual bending, is the calibration process.

This process leaves the sides at a final measurement of 2.5 mm and with a completely even surface that facilitates the bending process. This calibration is included as part of the price of the bending of the sides and does not incur any additional charge.


Once the sides have been calibrated, they are immersed in hot water in a metal tank that, by means of a thermostat, allows us to adjust the temperature to the optimum point required by the wood we are working with at that moment. There is a very wide range of densities and mechanical qualities among woods, which makes some of them better candidates than others for bending. If you have any doubts when choosing the wood you want us to bend, do not hesitate to contact us, and our professionals will recommend you the best option taking into account your tastes, needs and budget.


Once the submerged wood has reached a temperature that we believe to be ideal, it is placed in the side bending machine, covering the sides on both faces with Teflon sheets that will help the wood to adapt to the mold with the least possible friction.

This machine bends the sides by heating. The molds heat them and we, in the same way as in the metal tank, control the temperature with a thermostat. We have two molds: classical guitar and classical with cutaway. In the images below you can see the approximate measures of the sides in its definitive shape, once bent.


The rings are left in the bending machine for about 13 minutes until the machine automatically releases them. Once free, the rings are placed in a template in the shape of the mold and left to cool for 24 hours at room temperature to avoid cracking or deformation. Please take this into consideration when placing an order: it always takes an extra day if the sides you ordered need to be bent.

Once the bending process is finished, the sides will show some stains as a result of the bending process: this is absolutely normal. Some natural oils present in the wood, uneven evaporation of the bending water, small residues of sawdust... A light sanding and the smooth surface of the bent side will appear again in all its splendor.

You can add the bending service checking the box on the sides that have this option available. We offer this service only for classical guitar sides with the possibility to choose the bending with the shape of the traditional classical guitar or cutaway.

If you want to see the price list and know which products have this service, click here.

Contact us for more information about our bending sides service.

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