servicio de secado


Do you need a specific wood ready to be worked?

We have a drying service that can be very useful all those times you need wood to build your guitar, without waiting for the natural drying process to take place, which can take months or years.


Our calibration process has 3 steps: we sand, we calibrate and we obtain a flat surface, almost ready for varnishing.

With this service you can reduce your calibration costs and save the time and effort of manual sanding and calibration.

servicio de calibrado
servicio de corte a medida


Are you looking for pieces of wood of a specific size and you can't find the measurements in our catalogue?

Let us know the measurements you want and we cut them for you. The cut to size service allows you to customize the size of the pieces to adapt them to the spaces and designs you have in mind.


The bending sides service is for those customers who don’t have their own bending machine or any other system that allows them to perform this delicate operation in the construction of a guitar.

servicio doblado de aros

Contact us for more information about our bending sides service.

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