If we had to identify one common trait that defines Knobloch Strings, it would be, without a doubt, our passion for music: we are guitarists and we live and think like musicians.

The passion and care we take at each stage of the production, from the selection of the raw materials to the hand packaging of the strings, is a fundamental
characteristic of Knobloch Strings and is what creates strings of the highest possible quality.Perfect intonation and well-balanced with a warm full sound, Knobloch Strings are acclaimed by today’s leading guitarists, both nationally and internationally.

The passion we share with musicians and luthiers allows us to strive for new ways of understanding music and bringing it to life.

If it’s true that everything moves with vibrations, we like to think that our work helps the world vibrate more fully through Art.


  • Known for their versatility and resonance, Double Silver basses bring volume and a balanced tone to every type of music. From live performance to the recording studio, Double Silver can rise to any occasion. Designed  for the musician who needs well - balanced strings with big resonance and a beautiful tone.  Experience the difference these skillfully crafted strings make, feel the vibration through your fingers.

Unleash your musical creativity

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