Spalted Beech

Beech is a wood known for its use in furniture, floors and even for boats; in recent years, its use has been spread to the manufacture of musical instruments. It is a wood that is easily worked and has good acoustic properties. In addition, spalted enhances the beauty of this light-coloured wood with irregular grey and black grains that intertwine. The Spalted Beech is a good choice to build the guitar because is a wood with a good sound and its unique drawing will help to achieve a unique and special design in the instrument.

Botanical Name: Fagus Sylvatica
Commercial Name: Beech
Origin: Europe
Density: 710 Kg/m3
Description: It hasblack grains due to the fungus that penetrates the wet wood but this process is interrupted once the wood is dried. Ideal for lathe and knife handles.

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