This wood’s name comes from the similarity of its grain with the skin of Zebras. That’s why Zebrano is an exotic wood very treasured because of its acoustic and physical qualities.

Regarding to the sound, it has a tone very similar to Hard Maple, but with some restrictions in the highest tones. As a result, the sound of this wood is very brilliant, with dynamic highs and clear mid-tones.

This wood is rigid and a little bit difficult to work with. But if it’s manipulated accurately, the result will be worth it.

Discover the sound wonderfully balanced of this Zebrano sides for Classic Guitar of Maderas Barber.

BOTANIC NAME: Microberlinia brazzavilensis.

COMMON NAMES: Zebrano, Zebrawood.

ORIGIN: Central Africa

DESCRIPTION: Density 790 kg/m3. Heartwood is a light brown or cream colour with dark blackish brown streaks vaguely resembling a zebra’s stripes. Has a fairly coarse texture and open pores. Grain is usually wavy or interlocked.

RECOMMENDATIONS The wood saws well, but can be very difficult to plane or surface due to the prevalence of interlocking grain. Tear out is common. Zebrawood glues and finishes well, though a transparent pore filler may be necessary for the large open pores which occur on both dark and light surfaces.

DRYING: Difficult to dry. Risk of deformations and cracks.

USES: Musical instruments, tool handles, furniture.

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