Ziricote is one of these woods known as precious or fine woods. That’s why Ziricote has a high demand. This wonderful wood will give to your classic guitar an elegant and luxurious touch due to the beautiful and big contrast of its grain.

However, the beauty of this wood is not the only thing which makes Ziricote special, since its sound is also a very good quality. This wood has a higher tone than Tulipwood, and its low damping is similar to the one of this Dalbergia wood. Furthermore, Ziricote sides have a resounding sound, bright high notes and a great variety of harmonics.

For all this, Ziricote sides for Classic Guitar of Maderas Barber are a perfect option to build your own instrument.

BOTANIC NAME: Cordia Dodecandra.


ORIGIN: Central America.

DESCRIPTION: Density 805 kg/m3. Ziricote has colour ranges from medium to dark brown, sometimes with either a green or purple hue, with darker bands of black growth rings intermixed. Ziricote has a very unique appearance, which is sometimes referred to as “spider-webbing” grain figure. The pale yellowish sapwood is sometimes incorporated into designs for aesthetic effect, or to cut down on wastage. Grain is straight to slightly interlocked. Medium to fine texture, with good natural luster.

RECOMMENDATIONS Ziricote is fairly easy to work considering its high density. The wood tends to develop end and surface checks during drying, which can be problematic: though the wood is stable once dry. Ziricote turns and finishes well, and in most instances, it can also be glued with no problems.

DRYING: Dries slowly. Risk of deformations or cracks.

USES: Guitar backs and sides, fingerboards.

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