Curly Maple

Curly maple is one of the most treasured wood in Luthery, also in sides for classic guitar. The lack of uniformity in this wood is not a default, since the appealing of this wood is the flame or curly figure.

His marbled, very particular, is very demanded for sides. Other characteristics of curly maple sides are also the pure and clean sound of this kind of wood, and the facility of being manipulated.

In Maderas Barber we have a high variety of qualities in curly maple sides for classic guitar which adapts to your needs and preferences.

BOTANIC NAME: Acer pseudoplatanus.

COMMON NAMES: Curly maple, Flamed maple.

ORIGIN: Center and East Europe

DESCRIPTION:   Density 610-680 kg/m3.  White or light yellow wood colour. There is no distinction between the sapwood and the heartwood. The growth of the wood fibres is distorted in an undulating pattern producing wavy lines know as flames. Beautiful appearance.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Machinery can be difficult.  Suitable for steam bending.  Easy gluing and finishing.  Resistant to fungi but susceptible to termites. Stains easily. It is recommended not to store it in humid places.

DRYING: We recommend drying it at low temperatures to avoid spots and colour alterations. If drying process is fast wood will keep white colour.

USES:  Electric Bass and  Electric Guitar. Classic and Acoustic Guitar. Violin , Viola, Cello and Double Bass

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