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AAA Cypress Classical Guitar Sides

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Overview AAA Cypress Classical Guitar Sides:

If only by its smell, any discerning guitar maker should have at least one cypress back in his workshop. Ubiquitous in our Mediterranean culture, cypress wood was soon recognized as an excellent material for the construction of Spanish guitars. While it may not be as striking in looks as Rosewoods or other tropical woods, it possesses a very distinctive charm with its consistent golden color and slender, subtle grain.

Cypress wood, the flamenco sound

Of course, you can use cypress backs for your classical guitar with excellent results. But cypress has traditionally been reserved, partly for its sound and partly out of tradition, for flamenco guitars. If you have ever wondered what the nickname "Blanca" means, it is because some flamenco guitars are built - back and sides - with this wood.

In the special category you will find pieces with straight grain, quarter-sawn, clean, without defects in the area to be used as back. These woods are worthy of quality instruments for the best players.


  • Dimensions: (800x110x3,5mm)x2
  • Botanical Name: Cupressus sempervirens
  • Origin: Spain
  • Density: 400-600 Kg/m3

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6 Items


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AAA Cypress Classical Guitar Sides

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