All comments and reviews are always welcome. The present Terms and Conditions described below, regulate the use of the service of Opinions and Reviews of Users of the Maderas Barber website.

Users must respect the rules set forth below when they publish User Content, and specifically when they publish on the Maderas Barber website a review about any of the articles or opinions about our services.


1.1        Review publication conditions


·         In order to publish a review, Users must have an account that identifies them in the Maderas Barber website.

·         The review must have more than 20 characters and refer exclusively to the article or services of Maderas Barber.

·         Maderas Barber may reject reviews where other companies are mentioned.


1.2        Causes for Rejection of User Content

User Content may be rejected for the following reasons:


·         If the User doesn’t comply with the above review publication conditions;

·         If Maderas Barber believes that he could incur civil or criminal liability;

·         If the User Content or elements related to the identity of the author contain insults of profane expressions;

·         If the text of the User Content contains random characters or meaningless word sequences;

·         If the User Content isn’t related to the aforementioned article;

·         If User Content is known or suspected to infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties;

·         If the review raises issues of conflict of interest or fraud; or if Maderas Barber understands that it constitutes such a conflict or fraud;

·         If the content is advertising or intended to promote any other product or website that isn’t of Maderas Barber;

·         If the text of the User Content is so badly written as to be unintelligible;

·         If the User makes an inappropriate comment about User Content or its author;

·         If the User Content contains personal information or elements that could facilitate identity theft, such as the name or surname of persons who aren’t public figures, a phone number, a postal address or an e-mail address;

·         If the User Content mentions websites or contains hypertext links, URLs, e-mail addresses or phone numbers;

·         If it is clear that the User Content is spam.   



1.3        Review moderation

If it is determined that a User has posted fraudulent content or Maderas    Barber believes that is fraudulent, after applying the procedures providing for the rejection or removal of the review, Maderas Barber may deactivate the User’s account and delete all their postings.

Maderas Barber moderates the reviews, making a reasonable effort to ensure that they comply with these Terms of Use and proceed to publish, reject or delete them. All reviews are subject to a moderation process prior to publication.

Users can request the removal of a published review by sending an e-mail to specifying the reasons for your request for removal.


1.4        Use of User Content

Users accept that by posting User Content to the Maderas Barber website, they automatically give to Maderas Barber an irrevocable, permanent, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use, copy, publish, adapt, translate, distribute, assign for distribution or promotion, include in advertising or other materials, create derivative works, enhance, disclose, or otherwise distribute such User Content.

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