Okume wood is more known in plywood products, but it’s increasingly being more used by luthiers because it is a wood with a great sound projection.

Its proprieties are huge: it’s balanced, light, very stable and strong, but malleable. What will also surprise you about this wood is that it is very pleasant to touch and it has a different appearance with a satin finish.

Discover Okume wood in Maderas Barber and take advantage of its properties building a different and unique neck for your classic guitar.

BOTANIC NAME: Aucomea Klaineana

COMMON NAMES: OKume, Okoume, Gabon.

ORIGIN: Central Africa.

DESCRIPTION:   Density 450 kg/m3. Heartwood ranges from a pale pink to light brown. Colour darkens with age. Narrow heartwood is greyish white, not clearly demarcated from heartwood. Grain is straight to wavy or slightly interlocked. Texture is medium, with good natural luster.

RECOMMENDATIONS: High silica content has a pronounced blunting effect on cutters. Planning and shaping may produce tear out or fuzzy surfaces. Glues and finishes well. Rated as non-durable, poor insect resistance.

DRYING: Fast drying. Low risk of deformation.

USES: Veneer, plywood, boatbuilding, furniture, interior millwork musical instruments.

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