Mahogany (CITES)

Mahogany has a uniform density, it’s easy to work with and presents a great response to the sound. The result of all these proprieties is a solid Mahogany neck with a lot of advantages for your classic guitar.

Regarding to the sound, this Mahogany neck absorbs the string vibration and compress the high tones. The result is warm tones with tendency to mid and low tones.

Find the balance of these Mahogany necks for classic guitar in Maderas Barber and discover how the results can be excellent.

BOTANIC NAME: Swietenia macrophylla.

COMMON NAMES : Mahogany. American mahogany.

ORIGIN: Brazil.

DESCRIPTION:   Density 490-530Kg/m3.  Heartwood colour can vary from a pale pinkish brown, to a darker reddish brown. Colour tends to darken with age. Grain can be straight, interlocked, irregular or wavy. Texture is medium and uniform.

RECOMMENDATIONS: It is easy to work with tools, machines well. Sands very easily. Turns, glues, stains and finishes well.  Can cause skin irritations.

DRYING: Drying process is fast. Wood can become deformed or crack.

USES:  Guitar backs and sides. Necks, Heels, Bindings. Electric guitar body and body tops, electric bass body and body tops.

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