Sitka Spruce

Sitka Spruce is one of the best tonewood for classic guitar thanks to its good acoustic proprieties, apart from the attractive appearance and bearclaw figures we can find in some Sitka Spruce pieces.

Once finished, a guitar made of Sitka Spruce has a special shine that other tonewoods don’t have. Besides, its surface is easily dyeing or color tinting, what becomes an advantage if someone wants to manipulate more the wood during its guitar construction process.

Although it doesn’t have a good resistance to wear, if we trait it accurately, it can last many years.

In short: great acoustic skills and special appearance in a Sitka Spruce top. Find them out in Maderas Barber.

BOTANIC NAME: Picea sitchensis.

COMMON NAMES: Sitka spruce.

ORIGIN: North America.

DESCRIPTION:   Density 360-490 Kg/m3.  Ranges from cream-white to yellow; heartwood can also exhibit a subtle pinkish red hue in some instances. Sapwood not clearly demarcated from heartwood. Some pieces can exhibit a special grain pattern called “bearclaw”, vaguely resembling the scratches of a bear’s claws.

Straight grain but sometimes can show spiral grain.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Easy to work, as long as there are no knots present. Glues and finishes well, though it can give poor  (blotchy and inconsistent) results when being stained due to its closed pore structure. A sanding sealer, gel stain, or toner is recommended when colouring Spruce.

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