Adirondack is a heavy tonewood with a rapid sound and high stiffness which is due to the length and width of its veins or grain in all its pieces.

As it happens with Sitka Spruce, it has a harmonic tones content more complex. And it’s necessary to remark that Adirondack tops have a very high volume, more than any other species. What’s more, this specie also has a rich fullness of tone, preserving the clarity at all dynamic levels.

Take advantage of all the qualities of Adirondack tops for classic guitar that you can find in Maderas Barber and make with them your own and rewarding instrument.

BOTANIC NAME: Picea rubens.

COMMON NAMES:  Adirondak spruce, Red Spruce

ORIGIN: Northwest of America and Eastern Canada

DESCRIPTION:   Density 400-500 kg/m3. Red Spruce is typically a creamy white, with a hint of yellow and/or red. Sapwood is not clearly demarcated from heartwood. Straight grain. Wood fibres vary from fine to medium

RECOMMENDATIONS: Easy to work, as long as there are no knots present. Glues and finishes well, though it can give poor (blotchy and inconsistent) results when being stained due to its closed pore structure. A sanding sealer, gel stain, or toner is recommended when colouring Spruce.

DRYING: There is no difficulty in the drying process. No major risk of deformations.

USES:  Musical instruments soundboards. Construction lumber, crates, millwork.

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