Approximated tops dimensions for classic guitar: (550x200x4 mm) x2

The top is, with any doubt, the most important element of the Classic Guitar. Most of the sound of this instrument depends on this part of the guitar. If we don’t choose the accurate tonewood and bracing system for building our instrument, the result won’t be as expected. Approximately, we have the knowledge that the top is in charge of the 80% of the sound.

The most used woods for building the classic guitar top are the softer ones, with straight and parallel grain. And as far as possible, without knots. Tops are done with two half parts joined longitudinally, so we get a perfect symmetry in the distribution of veins or grain.

When looking for stiffness, good sound response and the proprieties mentioned before, the most used tonewoods are Spruce and Cedar, both for its density and acoustic proprieties.

In Maderas Barber we have at your disposal different treated tonewood for your classic guitar top, with always the best quality of the music market.

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