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B Engelmann Spruce Classical Guitar Tops

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  • Dimensions(550x200x4 mm)x2
  • Botanical Name: Picea engelmannii
  • Origin: Canada
  • Density: 350 – 410 Kg / m3
  • Description: The Engelmann Spruce harmonic tops B (Canadian or American) for classic, flamenco or western guitar (dreadnought) are hard and their growth rings can be very close or separated between themselves. The tops with closer rings between themselves, usually have some resin marks or small defects that aren’t accepted in the upper qualities. It can also be found defect-free tops with more separate rings between themselves and some of them can be reddish or brown. Usually, these features mentioned don’t affect their harmonics sounds, since in most cases their aesthetics have a little or zero influence on their tonality.

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Engelmann Spruce
76 Items


Really Good

Good quality for a B top.

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B Engelmann Spruce Classical Guitar Tops

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