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B Sitka Spruce Classical Guitar Tops

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Overview B Sitka Spruce Classical Guitar Tops:

Originally Native to North America, sitka spruce possesses a perfect combination of elasticity and strength. It shares many of the qualities of other spruces, which makes it a first choice for instrument tops. A versatile wood like few others, sitka spruce tops will offer great sonic response whether fingerpicking or strumming chords. Use sitka spruce on your next guitar and enjoy its remarkable acoustic qualities.

Its distinct pinkish lines give it a different look than other spruces, more uniform in color and appearance and therefore less appealing. Therefore, the sitka spruce stands out from all other spruce used for instrument tops because of its appearance. Its look, together with its excellent tonal qualities, makes it one of the most sought-after woods for tops. It is for these reasons that many builders and well-known brands such as Gibson, Taylor, Martin, etc. use sitka spruce tops on their models.

How are sitka tops classified?

In the B grade sitka spruce tops you will find tops with the greatest variability in the distance between growth rings. The tops with close rings usually have some resin spots or small blemishes that are not accepted in higher grades. In addition, we can also find defect-free tops with more spaced rings and some of them in reddish or brownish tones. In short, they are an excellent option regardless of their appearance, since in many cases their aesthetics have little or no impact on their tone.


  • Dimensions: (550x200x4 mm)x2
  • Botanical Name: Picea sitchensis
  • Origin: Norteamerica
  • Density: 360-490 Kg/m3

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Sitka Spruce


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B Sitka Spruce Classical Guitar Tops

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