Ovangkol has been used for years with the purpose of reaching a beauty appearance and a traditional and powerful acoustic. This wood also offers high notes and good harmonics.

Ovangkol is easy to work with, cheap and extremely beautiful. In a few words, this wood is a sustainable alternative if we compare it with other species more popular.

BOTANIC NAME: Guibouthia ehie.


ORIGIN:  Central Africa.

DESCRIPTION  Density 780-825 Kg/m3. Varying shades of yellowish to reddish brown with darker brown, grey, or black stripes. Moderately wide sapwood is a pale yellow, clearly demarcated from heartwood. Sometimes seen with a curly or mottled grain pattern. Grain is straight to slightly interlocked. Medium to coarse texture, with moderate natural luster.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Overall a fairly easy wood to work, though Ovangkol contains silica and can therefore dull cutters prematurely. Also, if the grain is interlocked, or if there is other figure present in the wood, planning and other machining operations may be troublesome and cause tear out. Turns, glues and finishes well.

DRYING: Slow to normal drying process. Risk of deformation.

USES:  Musical instruments. Floors and furniture.

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