Approximated fingerboards dimensions for classic guitar: 470x75x9 mm

Fingerboard, that thin and long piece which covers the neck of an instrument and where the strings run over, consists an essential part of most stringed instruments. Specially, playing classic and flamenco guitar.

Although it isn’t the most attractive or visible part of the classic guitar, the kind of wood which it is made of and its quality have a huge influence in the final sound of the instrument.

Like everybody knows, the common recommendation is that the wood of the fingerboards has to be hard, because this part of the guitar is always being touched by the strings and the guitarist’s fingers.

For all these reasons, the most used woods in the construction of classic guitar fingerboards are Ebony and Indian Rosewood, because of its hardness, stability and its obvious beauty. However, with the pass of the time, the range of wood used in fingerboards has increased, and we can find more woods with good density and hardness qualities for our classic guitar. That’s why we have this huge variety of woods for fingerboards.

In Maderas Barber, we offer you a big variety of woods for fingerboards which can be used for this important part of your instrument.

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