Wenge is a wood largely used in the manufacture of musical instruments, and very acclaimed by guitar players. Luthiers has used wenge for fingerboards since many years in replacing more expensive woods like ebony or Indian Rosewood.

Wenge is very rigid, hard and stable: a perfect wood in the use of classic guitar fingerboards, this part of the instrument which suffers a lot of tension, spots and impacts.

Regarding to the acoustic, this wood produces a sound similar to Ebony and Rosewood, with low and mid tones very clears.

Discover the beauty and the fantastic results that you can get with Wenge fingerboards for your classic guitar.

BOTANIC NAME: Milettia laurentii.

COMMON NAMES: Wengue, Panga-Panga

ORIGIN: Central Africa

DESCRIPTION: Density 830 kg/m3. Heartwood is medium brown, sometimes with a reddish or yellowish hue, with nearly black streaks. Upon application of a wood finish the wood can become nearly black. Grain is straight, with a very coarse texture. Low natural luster.

RECOMMENDATIONS Can be difficult to work with hand and machine tools. Blunts tool edges. Sands unevenly due to differences in density between light and dark areas. Very large pores can be difficult to fill if a perfectly smooth/level finish is desired.

DRYING: Slow drying speed. Low risk of deformations.

USES: Guitar fingerboards, bridges, headplates, backs and sides. Bodies for electric and bass guitars.

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