Macassar Ebony

Macassar Ebony share a lot of proprieties with African Ebony, although they are very different in appearance.

This wood has a great beauty since its straight grain creates a nice contrast between black and brown. That’s why luthiers are being increasingly more interested in this type of wood to give their instruments an exotic touch.

Macassar Ebony also stands out because it is a hard and stable wood: the perfect match to your fingerboard. Choose this wood species and discover its high quality both in sound and in appearance.

BOTANIC NAME: Diospyros Celebica

COMMON NAMES: Macassar Ebony , Striped Ebony

ORIGIN:  Asia.

DESCRIPTION:   Density 1000-1300 Kg/m3 .Heartwood has a striped appearance, somewhat similar to Zebrawood. Yellow to reddish brown body with darker brown or black stripes. Sharply demarcated sapwood is pale gold colour. Grain is usually straight, but can sometimes be interlocked; fine uniform texture and good natural luster. 

RECOMMENDATIONS: Tends to be rather difficult to work, due to its high density, blunting effect on cutters, and its occasionally interlocked grain. Humidity must be controlled during storage. Machining must be sharp.

DRYING: Drying process is slow.  Wooden parts can crack or become deformed after drying.

USES:  Guitar backs and sides and also fingerboards.

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