Madagascar Ebony (CITES)

This wood is very similar to its cousin, African Ebony, and both are very demanded by luthiers nowadays. Using this wood in Classic Guitar fingerboards, we’ll add a brilliant and dynamic touch, without underestimate its excellent qualities to resist spots and marks.

As it happens with other types of Ebony, Madagascar Ebony is hard, stable and very impressive because of the big contrast of its grain.

In Maderas Barber we have Madagascar Ebony fingerboards for Classic Guitar: pieces of a high quality with an extraordinary and clean sound.

BOTANIC NAME: Diospyros perrieri

COMMON NAMES: Madagascar Ebony.

ORIGIN:  Madagascar

DESCRIPTION:   Density 1050-1280 Kg/m3. Sapwood is light colour white or yellow and hardwood is jet-black. Sometimes has white streaks. Grain is extremely fine, almost invisible.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Has a dulling effect on cutters and tools must be sharpen frequently. It can crack easily under changes in temperature or because of humidity. Machining and gluing can be complicated due to its high density. Finishes well.

Resistant to fungi and insects.

DRYING: Drying process speed can vary from normal to low speed. Tendency to split or distort.

USES:  Musical instruments fingerboards . Wind instruments.

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