Curupay is a hard wood, resistant and with a good acoustic properties. The curupay is not a very common wood but its characteristics make it perfect to build musical instruments. It is a dark wood with really beautiful grain.
Surprise yourself with this wonder of nature and enjoy the special sound of this wood.

  • BOTANIC NAME: Anadenanthera colubrina 
  • COMMON NAMES: Cebil, Curupay.
  • ORIGIN:  South America
  • DENSITY: 1000kg/m3
  • DESCRIPTION: Heartwood is a pale to medium reddish brown, frequently with darker brown to black streaks throughout. Color tends to darken with age. Sapwood is a pale yellow to pinkish brown.
  • RECOMMENDATIONS: Rated as very durable. Resistant to termites, though more susceptible to other insect attacks. Generally hard to work with on account of its irregular grain and high density. Cebil also has a pronounced blunting effect on cutters. Turns well.
  • USES: Flooring, exterior construction, furniture, and turned objects.
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