Birdseye Maple

The amazing appearance of Birdseye Maple appears due to a supposed defect or illness of the tree. Its surface is covered by a sort of rounded shapes very pleasing which are very similar to eyes, what make this wood an exotic one.

Physically, this wood is dense and stiff, while acoustically, provides of a brilliant sound. For all these reasons, Birdseye Maple Backs are pieces very demanded and treasured by luthiers.

BOTANIC NAME: Acer saccharum marsh.

COMMON NAMES:  Birdseye maple.

ORIGIN: North America.

DESCRIPTION:   Density 630-700 kg/m3.  Cream white to reddish brown colour. Figured with many small swirls resulting in circular eyes separate from each other - dubbed birds eye figure. It is not known what causes de phenomenon. The wood may be extremely valuable.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Sawing and machinery are difficult. It is hard to plane. Suitable for steam bending.  Easy gluing and finishing. 

DRYING: It is a wood that dries very fast. Hardly any defects on the drying process.

USES:  Electric guitar bodies and bass guitar bodies. Guitar backs and sides.

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