Macacauba is a special wood very difficult to find. This wood stands out for its powerful colors and for its acoustic proprieties, with a clear and unique tone.

In Maderas Barber we love this wood in sounding boards and also in fingerboards: their results in these parts of the instrument are amazing. Discover this incredible tonewood in your classic guitar.

BOTANIC NAME: Platimiscium spp.

COMMON NAMES: Macacauba, Macawood, Hormigo, Orange Agate.

ORIGIN:  Central and South America.

DESCRIPTION:   Density 950 Kg/m3. Heartwood colour can be highly variable, ranging from a bright red to a darker reddish or purplish brown, frequently with darker stripe. Grain is straight to interlocked, with a medium to fine texture. High natural luster.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Good working characteristics for both hand and machine tools, though areas of interlocked grain should be approached with care to avoid tear out.

Turns and glues well.

DRYING: Slow drying process

USES:  Musical instruments, veneer, plywood and furniture.

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