Victory Island Cypress

Victory Island Cypress is probably one of the less known woods, but it is gaining ground with years. This wood stands out because of its clear tone and tis great sustain. It has also a good stability and presents very few possibilities of cracks or deformations. In short, Victory Island Cypress is a wood with very good acoustic proprieties for being used in tops.

Victory Island Cypress Backs for Classic Guitar are a recommended option for its value for money and its acoustic abilities.

BOTANIC NAME: Cupressus nootkaterisis

COMMON NAMES: Victory Island Cypress, Yellow Cedar, American Cypress.

ORIGIN: Canada.

DESCRIPTION:   Density 430-530 Kg/m3. Heartwood is a light yellow. Sapwood is a similar whitish/pale yellow and isn’t distinct from the heartwood. colour tends to darken with age upon exposure to light. Grain is usually straight, sometimes wavy, with a uniform medium to fine texture.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Easy to work with both hand and machine tools, though pieces with wavy grain may produce tear out during planning. Stains, glues, and finishes well. Dust can cause skin irritation

DRYING: Easy drying chamber process.

USES:  Guitar backs and sides.

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